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Colloidal Iodine Form

What Is Colloidal Iodine?

Last modified: July 13, 2023

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Colloidal iodine refers to a suspension of microscopic iodine particles in a liquid base, typically water or alcohol. It is often used as a dietary supplement for iodine supplementation purposes.

What should you look for in a Colloidal Iodine supplement

There are simple things to look for when choosing a colloidal iodine supplement.

  1. Choose one that is made up of glycerin. Some colloids use alcohol which can cause a burning sensation.
  2. The colloidal must contain pure iodine rather than iodide or other forms of iodine.
  3. It should be completely non-toxic.
Colloidal Iodine

Why does the Colloidal form of iodine work better?

As we know, iodine is always found in combination with other compounds. In order to separate iodine from them, the body expends energy. Elemental iodine can cause toxicity in the body as well. But with the help of colloidal iodine, you can eliminate all these issues [2].

A solution of colloidal iodine contains isolated iodine atoms. In this way, they become highly reactive and non-toxic. Thus, the body can fastly absorb it and use this form of iodine.

Benefits of colloidal nascent iodine supplementation

You might face deficiency disorders if you do not take enough iodine in your daily diet. Inadequate levels of iodine lead to less concentration, fatigue, reduced metabolism, and frequent feeling of being cold or hot.

If the deficiency persists in the long run, you might face mood disorders, hormonal imbalances, and hypothyroidism. You can protect yourself from these diseases by integrating colloidal nascent iodine supplementation into your daily diet. You may see several benefits simply because your iodine levels will stay healthy. Here are a few benefits of it.

Supports Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland regulates your metabolism and supports your immune function. Iodine is the base mineral that the thyroid gland uses to make hormones. By supplementing with nascent iodine, you can aid your thyroid to function properly [3].

Supports Cognitive Function

One of the indicative signs of insufficient iodine in your body is delayed cognitive function. You may enhance cognitive performance by understanding concepts and reasoning skills with nascent colloidal iodine.

Supports Immune and Metabolic System Functions

By consuming nascent iodine, you may fulfill the daily iodine requirement for your thyroid. It will then offer support to the immune system. In the same way, the metabolic system can also benefit from iodine supplements since iodine plays a vital role in controlling the hormonal secretions of the thyroid.

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What is colloidal iodine?

Colloidal iodine refers to a liquid suspension containing microscopic particles of iodine. It is typically dissolved in a liquid base such as water or alcohol to create a dietary supplement for iodine supplementation.

What are the benefits of using colloidal iodine?

Colloidal iodine is commonly used to supplement iodine intake, which is crucial for proper thyroid function and overall health. Adequate iodine levels support thyroid hormone production, metabolism regulation, and normal growth and development.

How should colloidal iodine be used?

The usage instructions for colloidal iodine may vary depending on the product and individual needs. It’s important to follow the recommended dosage provided by the manufacturer or as advised by a healthcare professional. Consulting with a healthcare professional can help determine the appropriate usage and dosage for colloidal iodine supplementation.

The Conclusion

Colloidal iodine is one of the supplement forms of iodine mineral. Colloidal iodine is considered better than other iodine supplements due to its rich concentration that provides a good mineral supply. However, you should only buy an iodine supplement from an authentic and approved company to see the most results.


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