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15 Proven Health Benefits of Black Currant

Last modified: April 13, 2023

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Do you want to boost your health in a scientifically proven way? If so, consider adding some black currant to your diet! This incredible berry has been used for centuries by cultures across the world, and it’s now even backed up by science.

This naturally sweet fruit is power-packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds. Moreover, its potential health benefits range from strengthening immunity to fighting inflammation and protecting against several diseases.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into 15 of the most impressive scientific discoveries about black currant’s powerful abilities. Read on for all the details about why adding black currant to your routine could be one of the best decisions you make for your health!

What is Black Currant?

Black currants, also known as Ribes nigrum, are small sweet berries native to Europe and northern Asia. They can be eaten fresh or dried and are often used to make jams and sauces for cooking.

Black currant is a plant that grows in temperate and subarctic regions around the world. The plant thrives in moist, moderately cool climates and is often found growing with White Pine trees in areas like Canada, Norway, and northern Siberia.

In the United States, black currant is mainly cultivated for its edible fruit, but it can also be found growing wild on rocky hillsides or mountain slopes throughout New England and the Appalachians. Black Currant does well in sandy soils as long as there are adequate moisture levels and sunlight for growth.

Blackcurrant juice is popular in many parts of the world both for its delightful taste as well as its health benefits. Just two ounces of the juice contains more than twice the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C! This tasty berry has been consumed for thousands of years, prized for its spicy flavor, earthy aroma, and unique nutritional powerhouse properties.

15 Health Benefits of Liquid Extract of Blackcurrant Berries

Anti-inflammatory Responses

Black currant extract is a natural remedy that has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation in the body.

Recent studies have confirmed this longstanding knowledge and have found that black currant extracts can significantly reduce the concentration of inflammatory markers in the body [1].

The findings suggest that black currant extract may be able to reduce the symptoms of several diseases in which inflammation plays a significant role, such as osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Therefore, consuming black currant extract may potentially decrease discomfort from chronic conditions, making it a promising natural remedy for those suffering from inflammation-related diseases.

Antioxidant Properties

Black currant extracts are quickly becoming an important additive to many of today’s health supplements due to their beneficial properties. In addition to reducing inflammation, which can reduce many chronic and acute illnesses. Various studies have recently reported black currant extracts as exhibiting anti-oxidative properties [2].

Anti-oxidative compounds play an important role in the body’s defense against numerous diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Thanks to these recent discoveries, health officials have begun marketing black currant extracts as natural compounds that uphold the body’s fight against dangerous illnesses often caused by internal oxidative damage.

By increasing certain glutathione (GSH) and superoxide dismutase enzymes in the body, black currant extracts work as a powerful antioxidant as they help to fight against free radical damage [3]. This reduces inflammation in the body and helps with healthy cellular processes, which can potentially lead to improved overall well-being.

Antimicrobial Mechanisms

Black currant extract has been shown to be immensely helpful when it comes to combating bacterial infections. Studies have revealed that these extracts actually inhibit the enzymatic machinery of the bacteria, preventing them from functioning properly and thus rendering them harmless [4].

It’s believed that this natural extract may offer a cheap and effective solution for curing certain bacterial infections without all of the typical side effects associated with antibiotics. While more research is always needed before any definitive conclusions can be drawn, researchers around the world are sure that black currant extract provides a promising path forward in defeating some of the nastiest bacterial foes.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Recent studies on black currant seed oil have found it to have positive physiologic effects. In particular, blackcurrant seed oil has a major effect on the heart and circulatory system. In one study, it was found to increase the production of nitric oxide in the blood, which is a potent factor in controlling high blood pressure [5].

red blood cells, microbiology, biology

These results have been replicated with black currant liquid extracts and fruit juice, providing further evidence that black currant is an effective source of natural remedies for high blood pressure. Therefore, black currant seed oil extract is a valid and safe alternative to other treatments to help naturally reduce blood pressure levels.

Prevent Brain Aging

Recent research has suggested that black currant juice can be a useful reinforcement against brain aging, dementia, and certain diseases like Alzheimer’s. Due to its high concentrations of polyphenolics and vitamins C and E, black currant helps reduce brain inflammation while also providing antioxidant protection [6].

Therefore, it can be said that taking black currant supplements can help improve cognitive performance, memory recall, and mental acuity. With these kinds of potential benefits for those afflicted by debilitating brain diseases, it’s no wonder why black currant juice has been garnering much attention in medical circles recently.

Enhance Lung Function and Prevent Damage

The anti-inflammatory properties of black currant extracts have been found to be beneficial in reducing the impacts of asthma. Studies have shown that regular consumption of black currants can help reduce inflammation and congestion in the lungs due to asthma attacks [7].

upper body, lung, copd

While not a cure, these extracts can be an effective form of prevention against further flare-ups since they act as anti-inflammatory substances. Black currants also contain significant antioxidants that have great health benefits, making them a worthwhile addition to a regular diet.

Reduce growth of Cancer Cells

Cancer cases have been increasing rapidly in recent years all around the world, causing alarm and fear in doctors and patients alike. Even with advances in medical technology and treatments, it remains a top killer today.

You cannot rely completely on natural supplements when it comes to cancer treatment. However, research suggests that black currant extracts can be used as an add-on therapy for cancer cells – especially for colon cancer and some cases of breast cancer [8].

While such natural remedies are not a cure on their own, their use could help reduce treatment-related symptoms such as fatigue, nausea from chemotherapy, and more. Therefore, talking about these alternatives with your doctor would be recommended if you are looking for a more holistic approach to supporting your recovery.

Anti-Thrombotic Activity

Stroke is one of the most common causes of death among heart patients, and it happens usually due to the formation of clots that block arteries in the brain. To respond to this danger, anti-thrombotic activity has been identified as crucial.

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Black currant extracts have anti-thrombotic activity. Therefore, slow blood clotting consequently reduces the risk of stroke [9]. This medicinal property makes black currant extract a useful preventive measure for anyone looking to avoid stroke in both heart patients and otherwise healthy individuals.

Improve Nerve Health

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that originates from uncontrolled diabetes and affects the nerves in the body. It can affect the autonomous nervous system (causing loss of control over your internal organs) and sensory nerves, leading to a range of effects, including numbness, tingling, pain, and burning sensations. In extreme cases, it can also cause weakened muscles and further serious complications.

There’s no sure-fire cure for diabetic neuropathy, but black currant extracts are emerging as helpful measures in aiding patients with this condition by helping to restore nerve activity and relieve some of their symptoms [10].

Improve Myopia Symptoms

Black currant supplements are quickly becoming a popular supplement to both enhance your overall health and improve your eye health. Studies have shown that these supplements can reduce the symptoms of myopia or nearsightedness. This makes black currant supplements a great choice for those who suffer from acute vision problems [11].

As an added bonus, taking black currant supplements can help protect against eye strain, glare sensitivity, and even dry eyes! So whether you’re looking to improve your all-around health or just to ensure you’re taking care of your eyes, black currant supplements are worth considering.

Fight Against Gout

The high uric acid levels in the blood are problematic and can lead to serious issues, such as inflammatory joint disease and gout. Fortunately, research has shown that black currant extracts can reduce these uric acid levels and improve gout symptoms [12].

It is well known that large doses of antioxidants are helpful in reducing inflammation, and black currant extracts contain generous amounts of antioxidants that can be very beneficial for people suffering from gout.

currant, black, black currants

Regular supplementation with black currant extract can significantly decrease pain caused by gout as well as reduce swelling of affected joints. This effect is due to the fact that black currents contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties and reduce the production of uric acid, both of which help relieve the symptoms associated with gout.

Improve Blood Lipid Profile

The effect of deranged lipid levels on the human body can be serious and far-reaching. An increase of lipids in the blood vessels can lead to cardiovascular disease, stroke, or coronary artery disease due to arterial clogging. While medications and lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, increasing physical activity, and healthy eating may help regulate these levels and decrease the risk of complications.

One of the best ways to prevent them is using natural supplements such as black currant. Studies have found that taking black currant extract positively affects cardiovascular health and lowers plasma lipid levels, thus reducing further cardiac problems and improving overall well-being [13].

Improve Skin health

Black currant extracts have been given much attention in recent years due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that parts of the black currant, such as its bark and fruit, contain compounds that are active against external skin conditions such as dermatitis [14].

These extractions are made using a method known as fractionation which enables the purest form of the essential oil with little to no impurities. By applying these extracts to symptomatic areas, they help stop the flow of itchy secretions, which provide relief from the itching sensation associated with dermatitis.

This makes black currant extracts an attractive choice when looking for a natural remedy against symptoms associated with this condition.

Decrease the Formation of Kidney Stones

Evidence suggests that regular consumption of black currant extracts can help modulate your urinary pH in a beneficial way, making it more difficult to form certain types of kidney stones, such as uric acid and oxalate [15].

This is believed to occur thanks to the high levels of antioxidants and potentially useful dietary compounds present in these extracts, which may act on bacteria inside the urinary tract, preventing them from creating an acidic environment and promoting kidney stone formation.

For those suffering from recurrent kidney stones or concerned about their potential risk of developing them, incorporating black currant extracts into their diet could be one proactive way of helping to ensure an agreeable urinary pH balance.

Reduce the Risk of Wound Infection

Recent studies have discovered that black currant extracts can be an effective way to benefit post-wound healing and reduce the risk of infection. Not only are they able to stimulate white blood cells, but they are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds which help with any irritation or swelling around the wound [16].

The Bottom Line

Black currant has been used medicinally for centuries dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. This “superfood” is still consumed for its health benefits ranging from boosting immunity to alleviating pain. If you are looking for a natural way to improve your health, black currant may be the answer. As always, be sure to buy supplements from a credible source for maximum results.


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